Our Clients and Trusted Partners

At AHRS, we are proud to have partnered with over 200 new and repeat clients during our 21+ years consulting in the Seattle area market. Our clients have given us the honor of partnering with them to evolve their people, performance, and pay strategies; the honor of learning from them; and the great honor of their loyalty to refer, recommend, and work with us.

Our clients and trusted partners tell our story in a powerful way and we are thankful for them everyday!

Northwest Technology Survey

Our trusted partner Milliman, offers our clients the opportunity to purchase and participate in the Northwest Technology Survey. The 2020 survey is available now for purchase and participation in the 2021 survey begins June 1.


Applied HR Strategies is considered the “platinum level” domestic compensation firm in the northwest. I have worked with this firm on numerous occasions during the past 20 years as a domestic and global HR leader and consultant. They can be counted on for delivering custom, high-quality domestic compensation strategies and plans on or before schedule. I chair the HR Roundtable the society for HR professionals representing start-up to large technology companies and Applied HR Strategies is our compensation firm partner. They have been engaged by many member companies for their compensation projects and ongoing compensation needs. Applied HR Strategies has an outstanding and well-deserved reputation and they have my highest recommendation as the domestic compensation consultant firm to HR professionals and executives.

Carol Olsby
Managing Director

Our team at Swift HR Solutions has an incredibly high bar for anyone who does work for our Clients, and we have worked with Doug and Jill at Applied HR Strategies for many years. Whether it’s benchmarking a unique role, or doing an overall compensation plan, we know we’ll get high quality data, great service, and a cost-effective outcome.

Shannon Swift

I have worked with Applied HR Strategies for over 15 years and I consider them a trusted partner.  From early stage needs to complicated projects AHRS has been exceptional.  As a HR professional serving a wide range of clientele, I need a trusted, capable partner that shares a commitment to provide clients with the best tools to grow, manage and reward talent.  Tools that assist in creating fair and equitable pay structures that are scalable and flexible growing alongside a company. AHRS is this partner.

Molly M. Fitch
Sr. Consultant

I own a small business in Washington and I’m on the board of another in Texas. Managing compensation is one of my most important responsibilities (probably THE most important if you ask my employees). Doug and his people have helped me find good answers to compensation questions in multiple cases with both companies. They not only have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date data, they know how to pull it apart and learn from it. They know when there’s a clear answer and when there’s more room for managerial judgement. Perhaps best of all, they’ve helped me add more rigor to determining where on a benchmarking curve my employee belongs. I’ve long felt like deciding whether someone belongs at 55% or 70% was a dark art. Now I feel like I’m able to get to a more defensible and explainable answer. If you want compensation help, whether for an individual employee or strategically across your company, you won’t go wrong with AHRS.

Keith Jackson
Owner and CEO
Industrial Revolution

AHRS, and our Consultant Jill, were valued partners in helping our company find a path towards consistency and competitiveness in our compensation philosophy and structure. They helped us overhaul our compensation plan company-wide and were active from conception to rollout. They continue to regularly check in to ensure our plan stays aligned to our evolving business and provide guidance and updates on compensation as the market adjusts. As Head of HR I have many responsibilities but knowing that we have a trusted partner for compensation allows me to worry about one less thing.

Tom Stankus
Head of Human Resources

I’ve attended the Compensation series of courses presented by Jill Odegard and Doug Sayed and worked with Jill specifically on our company’s compensation planning.  The materials that they present during the class are great resources to use when planning your company’s compensation plan.  The way they present makes a complicated topic easy to understand and made me excited to go back and use what I learned.  I highly recommend attending these courses and AHRS for your compensation planning needs.

Marija Borcich
HR Manager

We hired Applied HR Strategies to benchmark and build out our entire compensation structure from scratch.  Jill was extremely knowledgeable and walked me and my team through every step of the process to build a complete system that we use almost daily.  I now have a comprehensive data-based structure under which we can confidently negotiate salaries and compensate our employees fairly in this extremely competitive Seattle market.  I can’t recommend Jill and Applied HR enough — they know our industry and the Seattle tech market through and through.

Clara Behnke
Director of Human Resources
Navigating Cancer

Jill is incredibly knowledgeable about the landscape of compensation in the tech industry and I would recommend Applied HR Strategies to any HR team looking to improve their compensation and total rewards program.

Eleni Adams
VP HR & Operations

Jill and Doug are my “go to” for all things compensation!  I have worked with them at several technology companies to design and build compensation programs.  They have a deep understanding of the challenges within the tech space.  They understand the importance of aligning compensation practices to company culture.  They are highly expert and insanely efficient at what they do.  I highly recommend them!

Rebecca Clements
Chief People Officer

Applied HR Strategies has been a great partner to us—not only do they have strategic compensation capabilities, but they also have helped us effectively manage day-to-day compensation issues. I am appreciative of their helpfulness and responsiveness.

Laura Hamill
Chief People Officer

We place a high value on robust analysis, especially when it comes to evaluating and deciding how we pay our employees. Jill Odegard took the time to understand our business, our total compensation goals, and our talent needs, and worked with us to design a custom pay structure where all those intersect and fit together. Throughout each step, Jill was an outstanding partner in providing education, coaching, and above all, creating results that work great for our team. Applied HR Strategies gets our highest recommendation for any and all compensation program needs.

Anne Schlosser
Head of People and Culture
Undead Labs – Microsoft Game Studio

The Applied HR Strategies team has been invaluable in providing compensation data and analysis as we developed our overall compensation strategy and continue to evolve our total rewards packages.  They really take the time to understand the different dynamics within our company.  They have saved us time, money, and frustration by quickly turning around complex information on tight timelines.  The team is responsive, professional, and has deep compensation knowledge that we would be lost without.  I have Jill on speed-dial and like to think of them as an extension of our HR team!

Abbie Samson
VP of Human Resources